When applicable, tracking numbers are assigned immediately and generally appear on our website along with your order information after we clear your payment confirmation. You can click on the tracking number to view the delivery status of your order. Even though your package has already shipped from our warehouse and is on its way to you, the carrier may not be able to provide any information about your package for up to 24 to 48 hours.

Occasionally, orders may be delivered via carriers that do not offer the ability to track packages.( 1-day shipment). In these rare instances, Your Order History will not offer tracking information but will still offer order status and other details. To learn the difference between tracking information and order status, please read the information provided below.

Finding Your Order Status

The status of your order is easy to find.

Waiting for confirmation

 it means that you still need to confirm your payment. You have 2 x 24 hours to confirm it, or your order will be cancelled automatically.


Track Your Order

All questions regarding the status of a package with a tracking number will be directed to the shipping company. To contact the shipping company, simply click on the tracking number. You will then be redirected to their website where more information is available.


How is order status different from tracking information?

Your Order Status is supplied by emeno-nursingwear.com. It represents the progress of your order between the time it is placed and the time it ships from our warehouse.


*Tracking number information may not be available for up to 24-48 hours after an item is shipped from our warehouse.